Friday, November 4, 2011

Rat Doll

I've started making dolls with animal parts. Here is "Loleta":

Parakeet Project Part 2

The owner of the parakeets wanted tail feather hair fascinators to remember her birds by, but she wanted to bury the rest of the remains. I made her custom coffins for the tiny birds and wrapped the remains in lace.

The fascinators next to the open coffins:

We had a funeral for the Parakeets and buried them in a friend's personal pet cemetery, full of fish, birds, and Pugs.
Here is Chloey, the parakeet owner, at the graves, along with some other photos of the graves.

Blue Lake Outing

Here are some photos I took recently on a roadkill-salvage outing in Blue Lake, California. The side of the winding 299 was riddled with deer carcasses. Antlers were missing and some bodies were found in game bags, indicating these were hunted, not hit by cars, and the bodies dumped.

Parakeet Hair Fascninators

I recently worked on two parakeets that were the pets of a friend of mine. They died when smoke from a neighbors barbeque suffocated them. She wanted something to remember them by so I decided to make her some hair fascinators from the tails.

for small projects I generally work on my dining room table, which also functions as my operating table. Notice my awesome room mate unphased by the project, enjoying his burrito in the background.

At this point I think my room mate finally left the room:

After treating the tails and drying them for a few days I completed the hair fascinators.