Sunday, February 5, 2012

Octo Mom

For February Arts Alive here in Eureka I got out my pearls and white gloves and dusted off the baby buggy to become Octo Mom for the night. It was a blast walking around with the lit up carriage full of preserved baby octopi.

The mix of responses was interesting, some people were fascinated and some disgusted and shocked. One woman almost threw up when she realized there were dead sea creatures in the buggy and not an adorable baby. Here are some passersby investigating the mysterious bottles:

I met up with fellow artist Lauren Elizabeth Miller of the Artful Alias and we had a great time peddling our goods and trying to stay warm.

I plan to make this a regular monthly event when I'm not doing a show so look for me and the buggy each Arts Alive.
I also regularly sell baby octopi in my Etsy shop so check back often.

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