Friday, November 20, 2009

Just Another Friday in Eureka

Good morning everyone! (Well, I guess it's technically the afternoon but I woke up late.)
Today is the start of my week off and I have all kinds of things planned, including a lot of resting to try and get over this bug I've had. Besides a lot of painting I'm going to dust off my jewelry making supplies and finally start making some pieces I designed months ago. And maybe I'll finish a birthday present I needed to finish a month ago (Sorry Saeed. I'm a perfectionist.)
It's raining here in Eureka. It's an excellent day for hot chocolate and reading a book by the window.
I'll finish this off by sharing my inspiration for the morning--the work of Vanessa DeWig, a great artist using ink and the stippling technique. My favorite is "Peacock Girl," I have a special love for silent movie stars. You can view and purchase her work on redbubble:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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