Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last Chance

I'm closing my Cafepress and Zazzle shops soon, so this is the last chance to order anything. I'm going to be selling on Etsy because I find that I can interact on a more personal level with customers. I just don't have enough control with Cafepress and Zazzle, though I've been happy with their products in the past. As an artist, selling through companies like Zazzle and Cafepress just feels like selling through a gallery that wants too much commission, and it feels weird not to be making the products myself. The biggest factor is definitely the interaction factor. I feel that being in personal contact with my customers is very important. I want to personally correspond with people, not to have a generic email or letter sent from a third party. The stores will be closed by Friday, so if you wanted to order something make sure it's in by then. You can always contact me by email at if you have questions or comments. I personally answer each email myself.
You can view the closing online stores here:
And my Etsy shop is here (it will still be up and running)


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